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Viva Piรฑata (2006-2010) review

Posted : 12 years ago on 18 June 2010 05:21 (A review of Viva Piรฑata (2006-2010))

Viva Pinata is one of most best CGI shows ever.

Animation: excellent

makers of Banjo-Kazooie+CGI=win

Ranked: 9/10

Characters: Likeable

The main characters are a Fudgehog & Pretztail who go on cool adventures.

Ranked: 10/10

Voice-acting: 4kids win

I'm so glad my friend Mike Pollock is casted

Ranked: 10/10

Overall: Bring it Back!.

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House of Mouse review

Posted : 12 years ago on 18 June 2010 05:10 (A review of House of Mouse)

House of Mouse is not the most fun show ever. This show bothers me, even when's it's off the air it still haunts me. It's like there competing with Viva Pinata (st least that show cared about it's viewers). Just to be fair, I like the episode where Goofy runs the club.

Animation: yuck

It bland& Childish

Ranked: 3/10

Characters: some Likeable

there all a cast of Disney characters w/ 2 annoying turtle family members

Ranked: 7/10

Voice-acting: Good & later horrid

The voice-acting seem iffy & tired-some. Who wants to put Jess Harnell & Corey Burton in the same show anyway?

Ranked: 2/10

Overall: never bring it back, EVER!.

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(one of) The Best Crash Bandicoot game(s) ever

Posted : 12 years, 10 months ago on 16 August 2009 02:59 (A review of CTR: Crash Team Racing)

I enjoy this game so much I wish I still have it. I watch a lot of Youtube of it latley. & The unlockable character s fun to play as.

Animation: Nice.

Well Desing CGI

ranked: 9/10

Characters: Awsome

There seem to be 15 playable character (16 if you played as Oxide with Game Shark)

ranked: 10/10

Voice-Acting: Early work

The voices are neat & clear

ranked: 10/10

Humor: Quotes & Taunts were use

The Quotes & taunts is were the humor comes from.

ranked: 10/10

Props & Cons: This is the first time some villians in the Crash Bandicoot univers (Cortex, Tiny, N. Gin, Dingodile, Ripper Roo, Papu Papu, Komodo Joe, Pinstripe, N. Tropy & if you count Fake Crash) were playable. yet most of the unlockables (including Penta Penguin) were more Enjoyable to play as.

overall: 10/10

In cunclusion: This beat's Shark Tale's butt for the crown of true Classics.

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Worst animated movie ever.

Posted : 12 years, 10 months ago on 16 August 2009 02:49 (A review of Shark Tale)

This movie is stupid. I can not believe some people accaily like this dred. I about some yellow of snake who extremely retarded & held hostage by some fat yellow ape & 2 gay blue monkeys. The plot basically makes "See Spot Run" look like "(500) Days of Summer" (& that's offensive comparin). as if the stoners from "50 First Dates" deside to make 500 copies of this crap to make some money off it.

Animation: Ahhh My Eyes

The caracter don't even look like fish.

The elly-fish=Monkeys (I'm sick of animated shows & movie that make fun of primates)

ranked: 1/10

Characters: Errr.. Skip that

I don't want to be bashed on about my own opinons

Ranked: 1/10

The Voice-Acting: OW!

Dreamworks animation didn't do a bad job with "Kung Fu Panda" nor "Monsters Vs. Aliens", Shark Tale however sound like a bunch of Canaidans & Scottlanders smoking a ton of weed in the recording studio. luckly that never happened.

Ranked: 0/10

Humor: Not even a stuff bear finds it funny.

Sykes doing an appaling impersonation of Gilbert Gottfried. Too Painful even for Critics.

Ranked: 2/10

Pros & Con: another thing I don't like about this movie........is so painful......well to me:)....is that Stupid Pufffish or Gorilla....or whatever that yellow thing is have his blue monkey henchmen torching the poor yellow snake & ignor what he has to say. I have to adit the gags in this movie should of gaving this a PG-13 rating.

Overall: 1/10

In Councion: This Youtube Video is better than this piece of Blue monkey droppings

[Link removed - login to see]

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My mind's made up

Posted : 12 years, 11 months ago on 29 July 2009 08:05 (A review of CatDog)

This use to be Nick worst show, but it's nolonger the worst show after it's pull. Chalkzone is now the worst Nicktoon ever. The show is about a Cat & Dog who share the same body & get in trouble with a pack of Dog & A Green Rabbit. When they succeed (refering to the creators), the write the similar script to past episodes & make the 2 main characters get bullied by a pack of Dog & The Green Rabbit likewise?

well check the resaults:

Aniamtion: Dirty

The Creator of the show is my Myspace friend Peter Hannaha. Together We (including my other Myspace friends C.H. Greenblatt & Thoump Van Orman) can make a better animated show. but I did like Chowder & The Marvlous MisAdventures of Flack-Jack though

Ranked: 5/10 (at best)

Characters: Bland Syterotype characters

Whatch Total Drama Island instead.

Ranked: 2/10

Voice-Acting: Pitiful

The Voice-Acting is just a painful as some episode plots, How dare they use My Myspace Friends Maria Bamford & Carlos A. as some of the villians. My (Myspace) Friends desive better.

Ranked: 4/10

Humor: Painful & Pointless

Animal Abuse is Not Funny!

Ranked: 2/10

Props & Con: The main Villian (The Green Rabbit) is the mayor of Nerburge. He's so fat & annoying, He can't even talk right

Overall: This show is best left in the animation graveyard

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Nicktoon can need to work-out the bugs with this

Posted : 13 years ago on 2 July 2009 03:32 (A review of Shuriken School)

Shuriken School is an over-raded show in the US. yet like CatDog it failed to live up to the prime of of Nicktoons Network. I'll be honest this show was better than Chalkzone, only beacause it tries to be the next Skunk Fu! or Bro' Town.

Aniamtion: Childish

The Animation is chlie. Everyone has buttoned eye on there face. How is it possible for anyone to look like that

Ranked: 4/10

Characters: Syerotypal

The Character are somewhat run by Syerotype personailitys. A Child Hero, A Smark Pig-Tail-Syle girl, A Fast-Talking Side-kick, A Beauiful Blond, A Sumo-Wrislar, A Walking Pig, A Russian Jerk, 2 Short Guys, & French Suba-Diver can not be in the same show at once

Ranked: 4/10 (5/10 For a few)

Voice-Acting: Syerotypal (Again)

The Voices also sound like cheap Syerotypes

Ranked: 4/10

Humor: Childish

Not much to say

Ranked: 4/10

Props & Con: The School has a Rival School to compete with, How can they do it with a Russian Jerk yelling at them? I think that Jerk should be in the other school.

Overall: Thank God it's done with

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An Insault to Shaman Jump (The Eng. Dub)

Posted : 13 years ago on 28 June 2009 08:31 (A review of Bleach)

Bleach was dub by Viz Media. I had such High-hopes for the anime until later on the show seems to fail. I don't see why "real" good shows like Skunk Fu!, Chop Socky Chooks, & Camp Lazlo are replaced by crap like this, Baby Looney Tunes & Squirrel Boy. If you ask me I think this should of been an anime that should air on the kicked-out Toonami.

The Animation: Dull & Stale

Too Dark Bright yet it kind of grim

Ranked: 5/10

The Character: How shall I put this

Viz Media ruin a perfectly good anime series & made the character into total idiot teenage styereotypes & Ichigo is so usless he acts like a 3-year-old by time-to-time. Theres also these 2 high-school students who apper randomly doing nothing. There are also these groups of villian who call themselve wiseman (I'm asuming they lied about being wiseman). The group leaders contains this Green/white spriped hat menice who looks like a blond white-trash verson of Diddy Kong & here's a special treat for Dinosaur King fans, He even has 2 children doing he's dirty work (but there even tougher than The DNKG versons. oohhh). The group also contains a mountain man who's probaly the olny smart one of the bad guys. If it was like the character act like human versons of character from another bland animated show CatDog. Wich tries to be funny,but the show falls flat on it's face. Overall Viz turn all the characters into idiotic, self respected, Teenage steryotypes. Total Drama Island had better Teenage syerotypes.

Ranked: 4/10

Voice-Acting: Needs to be rebuded

Jinta's voice-actress is the same woman who voice Beth from The Ogblongs. Wow no wonder why Jinta's voice in the english dub is annoying. My Myspace friend Kari Wahlgren deserives better.

Ranked: 4/10

Props & Cons: What also bother me about the english dub is that Viz relies on childish humor for the show much like Chalkzone, but Humor that Childish, Bleach should be dubbed by 4kids entertamainet & shoul air on CW4kids. also Tv.com gave good review that Chop Socky Chooks should be getting instead of any failure on CN.

Overall: Bleach needs to be rebubbed.

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It's alway be the best anime, Always will

Posted : 13 years ago on 27 June 2009 11:59 (A review of Kirby: Right Back at Ya!)

Kirby was a Nintendo character that was produced by Hals Labortory & it seems to hit the best work in 4kids history & here are my Top 5

1.)Kirby: Right Back at Ya!
3.)Viva Pinta
4.)Sonic X
5.)Mew Mew Power

I hope it will last longer in The CW4kids than it did in 4kids

Animation: Good

The animation seem bright & sometimes added with CGI in a partical secen.

Ranked: 7/10

Characters: Very Likeable

All of them are likeable, even Tiff, Tuff, Escargoon, Takori, & Chef Kawisaki. Tiff & Tuff seem to make there debut in the series as well as Escargoon. & Falolo & Falala has ther own game, & yet the the original game's main cast (Kirby, King Dedede, & Meta-Knight) are very likeable

Ranked: 10/10

Voice-acting: Better than House of Mouse's voice acting

The voice-acting seem to be great. Tiff & King Dedede's voices are probaly the best I heard. but I would like to hear Kari Wahlgren in an episode.

Ranked: 10/10

Overall: Don't take it off, It's CW4kids only way for people to watch there station (other than GoGoRiki).

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It was yesterday's Kirby: Right Back at Ya!

Posted : 13 years ago on 27 June 2009 11:45 (A review of Tak and the Power of Juju)

Tak & The Power of Juju wasn't ment for televison after all since the the video games were better than this & I never even played any of the 4 games yet. They even turn Tak into a Teenager instead of a teen.

Animation: uuuhhh..

There not much to say.

Ranked: 4/10

Characters: Get this

Jeera is the only likeable character in the series. The Pupununu Tribe, The Ninja Chimps of Chop Socky Chooks should be a shamed. Zariah just as bad. Lok total suckage. Everyone Else seem Dull & Boring

Ranked: 5/10

Voice-Acting: To Tell you the truth

Wayne Knight & My Myspace friend Kari Wahlgren are the only 2 who did Flawlessly.

Ranked: 5/10

Humor: Unoringal

I'm sick of shows that realys on Childish humor

Ranked: 1/10

Props & Cons: Lok was a character in the previous games & I notice he's a good guy who turned bad. Dose That mean Lok's now a villian? I guess we'll never know.

Overall Score: 4/10

Counculsion: You'll have to play the games to like the show.

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I'm glad it's Gone

Posted : 13 years ago on 27 June 2009 11:29 (A review of Squirrel Boy )

Squirrel Boy is about a Squirrel couseing Trouble for the entire neiborehood & He has help from his owner (a boy named Andy). yet I start to get bummed whenever Cartoon Network start to re-run it.

Animation: Needs Work, I've seen better

The animation can be ok at times, yet it get poorly done for some characters.

Ranked: 5/10

Characters: Dull & Lame

The main character is a Squirrel who want to spice up every day life & sometimes get his butt served by the villians. A bully who dosn't even like him (yet another monkey-looking freak)& a Parrot who speaks in an Hispanic anncent. The also this exermaly dumb Forest Ranger who looks too-much like an ape. The show supporsted to take place in a suburbien city. & So What are Gorilla People, Monkey Bullies, Talking Animals, Crazy Old-ladies, Parrots, Mad Dogs, & Juvenlie Delinquents doing in town like that. The Creators need to go back to school & need to be told the diffences between humans & Apes.

Ranked: 3/10

Voice-Acting: OOOhh Don't get me started on that.

How dare they use My Myspace friend Carlos Alazraqui from Rocko's Modern Life for the role of one of the villians (The Parrot). The Monkey Bully's voice is realy annoying & The Forest Ranger Gorilla's voice sounds like a dead elephant. The voice acting can make it like it can easliy make me fall asleep.

Ranked: 2/10

Humor: Pointless & Poorly Written

Yet another show that realy on Childish humor that make the characters cute (But there Not), When will people start using there own humor....Pathetic.

Ranked: 0/10

Pros & Cons: This show joins Baby Looney Tunes ,Gym Parter's a Monkey, & Bleach to lower CN ratings. & Rodney, well he's just a rip-off of Mr. Blik from Catscratch.

Overall Score: 4/10

Conculsion: If this ever comes back, avoid it at all cost. It likes to insault Apes & set a bad rep to america

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